” Follow your dreams . Set your goals and follow them through, there is no key to success – if you make a decision to do something and you want to do it , take the steps towards doing it right away .…

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Official first released BuzzLiberia Magazine. Digital release issue #1, May Edition. We're promoting everything Liberia. From Fashion to Sports, to Lifestyle, movies, music and more. Promote BuzzLiberia. Please comment and share. Thanks! http://issuu.com/buzzliberia/docs/issue1


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DenG, Soul Fresh And Eric Geso Performing The Ebola Vaccination Song . In Attendance were Governmental Officials Such as The Vice President And Officials Of The United Nation.

Ebola Vaccine Song Live by DENG & Soul Fresh Source

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News : Liberian authorities arrested a Lebanese national and accused him of involvement in the trafficking a large number of Liberian women to Lebanon.

The authorities said they placed Abbas Dbe at Monrovia Central Prison, the largest jail facility in the Liberian capital.…

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Displaced young Adults – Tomb Dwellers

Monrovia , Liberia

The people forced to live in emptied tombswww.independent.co.ukAnyone would guess it was a prison. Its four-metre-high walls are topped with coiled barbed wire and punctuated with watchtowers. Its tall metal gates are locked.…

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BuzzLiberia : Showcasing Liberian Talent

From ATL to MO.V – LiB international artist 2C Live @ Royal Plus

Liberian American based HipHop artist 2c Flew from Atlanta Georgia (USA) to do what he always does best, i mean rocking the stage.…

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Buzz Liberia : Showcasing Liberian Talent.

L.M.E-Lil-Van ft Certify Boss''For you O''

Liberia's Super Stars Lil-Van and Certify Boss Performed For You O. The song for For you O explain how far you can go for LOVE. Source

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AB KROMAH AND THREE OTHERS RELIEVED OF POST President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has with immediate effect, relieved the following persons from their posts at the Liberia National Police (LNP).

They include: 1. Abraham Kromah, as Deputy Director of Police for Operations; 2.…

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Developing Story: Abe Kromah Dismissed!

Barely three days after calls by the CDC for govt to unconditionally dismiss him, Police Deputy Director for Operations, Abe Kromah has been dismissed!

Now it's time to account for the misapplication of Police's operational funds, and the extreme abuse of the rights of poor commercial motorcyclists, students, marketers and ordinary citizens.…

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Saah Millimono tells his own story at the launch of his debut novel, Boy, Interrupted

The keynote interview with award-winning Liberian novelist Saah Millimono, conducted by Hawa Jande Golakai, another young Liberian novelist, produced some startling, never-before disclosures about Millimono, leaving the audience sighing with inspiration as his debut novel, Boy, Interrupted, launched last Friday in Monrovia.…

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The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has begun preparations for the celebration of this year's Liberia Children Media Day – formerly International Children Day of Broadcasting on May 30, 2015, under the theme: “Beyond Ebola: Preparing A Safe And Healthy Future For Us”.…

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The investment was meant to improve living conditions of Liberians but it has turned out to be what nobody had thought. Makeshift housing units, employees including men and women are being transported in tractor like castle. All these are happening in contravention of the SIFCA's concession agreement.…

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Three persons have been arrested and charged with counterfeiting and economic sabotage. Police Tuesday arraigned Suspects Peter Cole, Henry Cooper and Zayzay Kollie before the Monrovia Magisterial Court where they were acquainted with their Miranda right in keeping with law.

But defense lawyers’ failure to secure criminal bond for the defendants’ temporary release landed them at the Monrovia Central Prison, pending notice of assignment as provided by law.…

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Protesters gathered Tuesday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Liberia's capital, asking the American government to put pressure on Liberian officials to bring back some 60 Liberian young women allegedly trafficked into Lebanon between 2011 and 2012.

The women, between the ages of 22 and 34, were reportedly lured to Lebanon, believing they were going to get a good-paying jobs, but ended up being housemaids and “slaves” for Lebanese landlords, the protesters said.…

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Thirty alleged rapists, who say they do not have legal counselors, have informed Criminal Court 'E' of their prolong detention.

The alleged rape suspects informed the court that they had languished behind bar for years now because of no money to hire lawyers.…

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Coming soon

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Coming soon

Life adv

take a gisp of Life advert…coming soon this may premier live…. Source

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The Congress for Democratic change (CDC) has called for the immediate and uncondition dismissal of the deputy inspector of the Liberia national police, Abe KROMAH ,in connection to the recent death of a motorcyclist during the Paynes ville riot.

Mr KROMAH has categorically refuted the claims, saying “they are nothing but big lies being spewed by mulbah morlu.…

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LIB Living

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LIB Living


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Lifestyle: Describe this photo in one word. *The child is NOT being forced.


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