SpotLight: Takun J

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Jonathan Koffa better known as Takun J is a Singer, Rapper, Composer, Ambassador and Activist. Born and raise in Monrovia, Takun J managed to survive the 14 years of Liberia’s civil war with his single mother and 3 siblings.

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SpotLight: G-Rize

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Augustus Cole better known by his stage name as G-Rize. He is a singer, dancer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Monrovia, G-Rize developed his interest and love for music at the age of seven.

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#5 Countdown to 2015 Liberia’s own Jon Bricks is Hipco running man based in Asia. He has had a great successful year, touring around China with Chinese International Musician Jon Jon. Bricks is gifted and a genius lyricist. He is famous for the phrase #Zama and #Feelay. His most recent Music Video “Still Hipco” went viral on a Chinese video sharing website Baidu in late 2014; with over 208,400 views in less than 24 hours.

The brother is not playing, he is currently nominated for Best HipCo Artist of the Year at the Liberian Entertainment Awards and he’s definitely looking forward to taking the crown. More to come in 2015 from Jon Bricks and we can’t wait to see what he will release next as he take HipCo music international.

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Dr. Kimmie Weeks is a Public Speaker, Music Executive and Internationally acclaimed child rights activist. He has been working with Youth Action International to rebuild playgrounds that were destroyed during the

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Mamadee Diakite

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Mamadee Diakite is a Liberian renounced broadcaster and radio show host. He’s the former Co-host of the popular True Breakfast show on True FM and the Deputy Director General of Renaissance Communication Incorporated, RCI. 2014 was a very controversial year for

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Paul Newon is a Liberian IT Analyst, Technician, Social Activist and Humanitarian. He is the CEO of Jargbe Solution; a Liberian based IT and Logistics solution firm established to help improve Liberia’s IT infrastructure. He’s currently serving as the liaison between United Nations and Troops in AOR with regards to issues of Logistics. But his work doesn’t end there. Paul has put on his humanitarian and social activist hat ( During this Ebola crisis ) – working tirelessly in creating awareness both on social media websites and in various communities around Liberia.

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Wendel Monseo

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Wendel Monseo of Monseo TV is a Liberian international Actor, Rapper, Photographer, video editor and a young and upcoming Entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Ga. His network channel on youtube “Monseo TV” has become a household name in Liberian Entertainment, specifically music videos and movies. In September of this year, Monseo also launched his website based off of the youtube channel to help expand the showcasing of Liberian video entertainment across the global. This little brother is definitely worth looking out for this 2015 on what he’s going to do next.

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Scarlet White

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Scarlet White is a young Liberian international female rapper based in Providence, Rhode Island. Her first single “KONO” made headlines on almost every major radio stations across Africa this year and she’s not stopping there. Scarlet is said to release another hit single very soon. Keep the look out cause she definitely is the kind of young talent to watch out for this 2015.

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Grace Weah popularly known as Master Queen is a household name in the Liberian music industry. She is an an award winning Dj, promoter, talent manager, business woman and most of all,

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The future of the Liberian Film Industry. We’re very proud of their talents and skills. They have been producing lot of good drama lately.

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WASHINGTON— Due to the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has announced his decision to designate Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months. 

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A local farmer of Nimba County and his family proudly showcasing their soil rich vegetables. Liberia has a rich soil for planting just about anything, if only many of our people can see the riches in agriculture. About 70% of farmers in the United State are millionaires.

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Please smile,A smile costs nothing,it cannot be bought. Neither can it be borrowed nor stolen, it is therefore invaluable; but worthless till it is given out So please smile.

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During farming season in Liberia, all the men have to do is to cut down the bushes.

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Lifestyle: Women are considered the true breadwinners of Liberia. Here is a mother on her way out to get daily bread for her family on a typical market day in Liberia.

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Frank Arthurs

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Frank Arthus is an actor, director, producers and writer

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