News : Alexander Togar Bealded, former Manager of Senator George Weah run Royal…

By admin June 19, 2015 13:01

News : Alexander Togar Bealded, former Manager of Senator George Weah run Royal Communications Inc. has frowned on In profile Daily Newspaper that he resigned from the entity due to Allegations of corruption levied against him.
The former manager noted that said publication is unfounded, groundless; it was reported based on malice by the little known reporter who he said was redundant due to his poor performance.
Bealded who one time served as Editor in Chief for this paper intimated that the In profile newspaper article dated June 17 entitled ‘Workers Complained of Bad Labor practices at Kings FM,’ stated that Mr. Bealded was coerced by Amb. Weah on allegations of corruption that led to his resignation.

He said considering the time he resigned and to see an apprentice by then to unearth such article against him, is a clear indications that it is marked with abhorrence and called on his fans and well meaning citizens here and abroad to not adhere to such article because it is baseless, has no sustenance of iota.

Bealded in an interview , clarified that at no point in time as manager of Kings Fm was coerced by Weah to resign due to corruption.

“If it had been on allegations of corruption I would have rather opted being fired and the claims proven. I worked for Kings FM for almost a decade leaving an impeccable record.” He said.
He then clarified that his resignation was strictly on disrespect from Weah’s friends and families which Mr. Weah endorsed and he as manager could not tolerate.

‘Prince Michael, now absconded to the US who headed TV placed on the television a Lonestar promotional advert when the company (Royal Communication) had signed an exclusive right deal with Cellcom GSM, a total sabotage and something tantamount to losing the big deal from Cellcom and as such Deputy CEO, Atty.Yvette Freeman, Consultant Moses Carter and others endorsed his suspension which Weah, being Michael’s friend over turned in total disregard to all the top management decision.’

Bealded said he considered the action as a total administrative ineptitude on the part of Amb. Weah leading him to no alternative but to resign on April 15, 2013.
Why Mr. Bealded regrets the down trend of the entity since his departure with no air conditional and other facilities including a manager, Pepci Yekeh, Weah’s friend who has abandoned his job and flown to the US five months now according to the Inprofile report, he encourages the paper to do him due diligence when writing an article.

Mr .Bealded however revealed that the writer of the article, Roland Davis, a redundant employee of Kings FM during his time due to poor performance, wrote the article out of hate and malice.
He called on the journalist to be ethical and professional than placing himself in articles he writes maligning other people’s character in a reputable paper like Inprofile.




By admin June 19, 2015 13:01